Fall Sermon Series: Ecclesiastes

It's been said that the book of Ecclesiastes is for people who have their doubts about God but can't stop thinking about Him.

We are a community that has staked its life on the good news of Jesus Christ and yet, we are a community that has its struggles - with doubt, anxieties, fears, hard questions, and unfulfilled hopes. The gospel of Jesus Christ gives us good news in that it doesn't demand that we solve our struggles, but tells us where to take them that we might find rest, hope, joy, and faith.

Join us this fall as we explore this book, gathered in the hope that not only will we search it out, but that it might search us out to the glory of God and for the good of our neighbors.   

Series begins on September 17
Sundays, 10am
Kerr Arts and Cultural Center
228 Earl Garrett St.
Kerrville 78028


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